11 Cheese Dishes to Food Blog About

 Written by Carol Hoang, Food Blogger @cravveapp and Owner and CEO of Cravve
December 16, 2020

Is there any ingredient more instagrammable than cheese? We think not. The oooey gooey and delicious varieties of cheese dishes are limitless. I mean, what makes for a better food photo than an epic cheese pull? Not much. So which cheese dishes are the favorites of food bloggers? We put this question to the test with our Cravve foodie community and here is what we found.

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11. Cheese Fondue


Is there any cheese better on a cold winter day than a hot pot of cheese spilling with a delicious slice of bread?  Not according to our foodie community, who ranked it in our top 11 . Beyond capturing the perfect photo of your cheese spilling over an awesome slice of bread –  it is also the perfect way to upgrade your social event. Friends don’t let friends cheese dip alone. So get your favorite group of friends together and take a dip in your favorite cheese dip.

10. Lasagna


What’s your favorite thing about lasagna? For me, it’s that golden bubbly cheese top layer or the number of different cheeses that you can use with this classic Italian cheese dish. Whether it’s the ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, cheese curds, mozzarella, or Parmesan – whatever your favorite cheese – there is no denying that the cheese is the best part.

9. Fried Cheese Sticks

Looking for an awesome cheese pull dish?  Fried Cheese Sticks are a great option to get the perfect cheese stretch. Break one of these bad boys in half and capture that mozzarella cheese pull moment. Fried cheese sticks are also a perfect dipping dish, with marinara sauce or pizza sauce.

8. Cheese and Crackers

While not a cheese pull an artisanal cheese board can be the perfect canvas to paint that perfect cheese platter photo artwork with different shapes, textures, and of course cheese sizes. Also, don’t forget to pair a perfect wine and to share it with friends.

7. Cheese Bread

A great appetizer and starter dish, cheese bread can be the perfect complement to a nice meal. It also can be decorated with garnishes or toppings to give it that extra pop of flavor. My personal favorite is garlic but vegetables can also add that splash of color perfect for that colorful portrait.

6. Pizza

It wouldn’t be a very good list of cheese dishes if the pizza was not on the list. Coming in at #7 is pizza. With so many awesome varieties – Pizza can be a great blogging option – whether you’re trying to show off a new unique topping or capturing that amazingly long mozzarella cheese pull or you’re just trying to capture a beautiful photo of a classic pie. Pizza is a terrific cheese dish to blog about. My personal is a deep-dish pizza – with extra cheese and surprise stuffing – there are so many blogging options with the potential to knock readers off their feet!

5. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Looking to get an amazing cheese pull photo? There may not be a better option than a grilled cheese sandwich. Two perfect halves split and pulled apart with some ooey-gooey cheese filling in the middle. It’s a food blog moment that will bring people coming back for more. Just typing that made me hungry and happy. 


4. Cheese Fries

Looking for a cheese dish that will get a lot of likes? The cheese fries melt will stop other foodies in their tracks. Be sure to capture the ooey gooey melted cheese over these crispy golden sticks.  With so many varieties of fries – waffle, tater tots, crinkle cut, etc.  – you could create a whole blog dedicated to it. For added effect, capture other unique toppings, that will make foodies stop by and drop a “Wow” comment.

3. Mac N Cheese

Yes, Mac N’ Cheese is a favorite among food bloggers, the ooey-gooey cheese melt on top of the cheesy noods. Yum. Plus, change up your Mac n’ Cheese with a variety of noods that will get people going crazy for your food pics. If the cheese and nood combo doesn’t feel like enough – you can always add that extra topping of bacon or pulled pork. Yes, please!

2. Cheeseburger

Cheesing melting over a juicy beef patty. Need we say more. The cheeseburger is a show-stopping king of food blogging. Looking for a reliable option that will be sure to get a lot of likes and comments. The cheeseburger is a go-to for many food bloggers. Be sure to get the close-up that captures the melt and leaves readers wondering how does someone possibly bite into this?!

1. Cheesecake



That’s right the queen of cheese dishes and the #1 cheese dish to blog about – according to our foodie community – is the cheesecake.

The perfect combination of cheese, chocolate, and cake – Triple C threat – makes the cheesecake an irresistible dish. It’s no wonder why foodies love to blog about their cheesecake. They’re perfect for any occasion and experience – whether you’re fine dining or eating a meal at home. Cheesecake is accessible and love-able.

We hope you enjoyed this list of top 11 cheese dishes to food blog about.


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