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Start creating social media content for local restaurants, food brands and CRAVVE in exchange for Free Food, Cash and More. Today, there is no easy way for foodies and Influencers to work with local restaurants or food businesses. That's why we have created a fun, easy and rewarding collaboration platform that simplifies the collaboration process. You'll find discounts, giveaways, free food, rewards and paid offers from trusted businesses in exchange for taking beautiful photos and sharing it to your community on social media. Best of all, it's FREE TO JOIN!

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Why is Cravve the Next Generation Food Blog? 

We're focused on 4 things... 


Build Credibility as a Foodie or Food Influencer

Collaborate with restaurants and build your credibility as a Food Influencer

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Build a portfolio of content collaborations to show your experience with businesses

Content Ratings

Get valuable content ratings to build credibility as a trusted and valued content creator 

Hot & New Food

Create content for the hottest new local food and places near you - get recognized as a trendsetter

Our Food Influencer App Reviews

See what food influencers are saying about CRAVVE

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12253003, 09/24/2020

This app is AMAZING
This app is a really easy set up just like Instagram or Twitter. The app really helps me being a good blogger because I always need new food places to keep things interesting. I use this app a lot when I have been posting too much in a specific area also. I trusty this is going to be in a lot of influencer phones soon coming. It saves so much time finding food places and what people really think about their food and If I should go there. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to anyone.

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The frugal fashionista, 08/31/2020

An upcoming app for serious foodies!
I’m really enjoying this app! Navigation is easy and the owner/founder replies and comments to my posts so there’s a warmness to its appeal! You can also import IG photos so anyone with a good page or multiple foodie posts can upload easily! I definitely recommend this app if you’re traveling and need food suggestions!

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The frugal fashionista, 11/06/2020

Great app for foodies and influencers

Whether you’re a foodie or an influencer, you can get something out Cravve. It’s really great especially if you’re looking to find new places while you’re traveling. Quickly becoming a must use app for me like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!"


Offers from Trusted Brands

CRAVVE is dedicated to partnering and featuring the hottest new food, restaurants,  and brands across the US. Check out some of the amazing partners we've worked with. Plus, we're adding new partners everyday!

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Local Restaurants


Food Business

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