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12253003, 09/24/2020

This app is AMAZING
This app is a really easy set up just like Instagram or Twitter. The app really helps me being a good blogger because I always need new food places to keep things interesting. I use this app a lot when I have been posting too much in a specific area also. I trusty this is going to be in a lot of influencer phones soon coming. It saves so much time finding food places and what people really think about their food and If I should go there. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to anyone.

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The frugal fashionista, 08/31/2020

An upcoming app for serious foodies!
I’m really enjoying this app! Navigation is easy and the owner/founder replies and comments to my posts so there’s a warmness to its appeal! You can also import IG photos so anyone with a good page or multiple foodie posts can upload easily! I definitely recommend this app if you’re traveling and need food suggestions!

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The frugal fashionista, 11/06/2020

Great app for foodies and influencers

Whether you’re a foodie or an influencer, you can get something out Cravve. It’s really great especially if you’re looking to find new places while you’re traveling. Quickly becoming a must use app for me like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!"


Little Tech. Powered by BIG tech.

Although CRAVVE is a food app start up, we've integrated industry leading technology brands and data to create the next generation food review app.

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270 Thousand Restaurants


12 Million Menu Items Integrated


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