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Support local restaurants by helping to create content, share reviews, build their community, grow sales and more. Plus, for supporting them - you'll get exclusive deals or experiences, FREE products or cash. 

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Grow Your Credibility as a Food Influencer



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Create Breakthrough Content

Source offers from local restaurants to create amazing content and to share food reviews.

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Build Your Community

Source local restaurants running giveaways to help them and you grow your social following

With Cravve, sourcing local restaurant collaborations is easy. Simply discover influencer job offers near you and complete the one's you're eligible for or apply for the one's you're interested in.

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Share Content to Your Community

Help restaurants get the word out by sharing content to your community. 

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Save money & Support Local

Find discounts from local restaurants to create content and help them get the word out

Offer Protection Guarantee

Brands and influencers can both breathe easy knowing they do not have to worry about someone trying to act with ill intent. We protect our community by managing the exchange of payments for both parties. 

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Create your profile for FREE and engage with other food influencers and local restaurants

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Much more than a local restaurant collab app

Discover must try local food, have fun sharing food reviews, build your local foodie community and much more.

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