Support local restaurants and get free product or cash

Get FREE product or cash for helping local restaurants create breakthrough content, reach a local audience, build community and grow sales. Unlock your food influencer potential with Cravve.

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Step 4. Get paid and rated
Step 4. Get paid and rated

Restaurants will rate your performance out of 10 and you'll get paid

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Step 1. Find Offers
Step 1. Find Offers

Choose from Discounts, Cash or Non-Cash Offers

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Step 2. Review Terms & Availability
Step 2. Review Terms & Availability

Review the terms of the hiring and the available dates

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How it works

First, you'll find a sponsored offer with terms and availability. You'll be able to select the ones you're eligible for or apply for the one's you're interested in. Once accepted, you will book your visit, complete work and then have your content rated.

More than a food influencer marketplace

Create your food influencer profile and share content to reach and build your foodie community on Cravve.

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Fun and Easy to use Food Review Tools 

Import Instagram photos, tag restaurants, menu items or people, add ratings, share to your highlights and so much more.


It costs nothing to join, to create your profile or to sign up for sponsored offers in the Cravve Influencer Marketplace. 


To sign up


To create profile


To accept collab offers*

* Cravve does not charge for accepting sponsored offers. For sponsored cash offers, there is a 5% referral fee applied upon completion of the sponsored offer.


Share content your way

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Easily Transfer or Import Photos from Instagram

Transfer individual photos or import all your page content from Instagram, so getting started is easy and just the way you want it.


Create new content using Cravve's Creator Tools

Create content right from your Cravve account, use filters, edit photos and use Cravve's food review tools.

Promote Posts at No Cost

With no-cost promotion tiers, you can reach more foodies with your content, including those that don't follow you, build your following and build credibility as an influencer.

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